Brody and dada in the Big Easy!

my little sweethearts

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We love Cocoa

Kelly and I had the same day off this week and when that happens we go all out!! We stayed the night in Cocoa at a resort on the beach. This place was amazing. Our original plan was to stay the night so we had the whole next day to spend on the beach. Well once we got there there was so much to do at the hotel that we didn't go to the ocean at all the next day. Although after dinner dad suggested we go take a midnight stroll on the beach. The ocean is such a serenity for me. The hotel had a huge kiddie pool with a pirate ship and a bigger heated pool with a poolside bar. And yes that's where we spent the day!!! The Hotel had contests for the kids like jump rope and hula hoop. Bradynn was always first in line for everything and the littlest! He's my socialite! I slathered the kids and Kelly with sunscreen and decided not to do myself to start my summer tan! Yeah right, it hurts to breathe on my skin today!!! I forget that we've depleted our ozone layer! We ate dinner in Port Canaveral at one of our fav's Rustys. It sits right on the dock and we get to watch the pelicans dive for fish.

Friday, March 27, 2009


ok Reina, here it is.....10 things I love that start with "C" and might I add that C is a hard one!!!!

1. Credit (this one is LOVE/HATE)

2. candy

3. concerts

4. carnivals

5. coffee

6. caffeine

7. chocolate

8. cereal

9. coupons

10. corn dogs

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sorry Sorry Sorry!!!!!

Ok I have had such a busy couple of months. I dont know where to start! I started working again a few nights a week just to get me out of the house with regular adults! It seemed like I didn't ever have enough to do and now it seems like I dont have time to breath! Where's the medium? We had Heidi and Scott from St. George (and baby), Ryan and Stephanie from Oregan (and baby), and Jeremy from Vegas all come to visit in the same week!! That was an adventure! We had so much fun though. Orlando is like Vegas for children!! So many things to do everywhere you turn. We went to Disney World one day, Cocoa Beach one day. All the guys went to Ft. Lauderdale to a punk show and stayed the night so us ladies got to go out on the town the next night. We had so much fun:) Somehow on the last couple days, my kids got a stomache virus! They were soooo sick. I went through two boxes of laundry soap! What a mess!! It lasted three days and now we're back to normal!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Christmas, Christmas, always seems to be crazy and busy no matter what! Grandma and grandpa came this year. They stayed for two weeks and everyday was a vacation day. We went to parks and beaches and dinner, you name it. The sad thing, I lost my camera at a park and so there are no pictures!!!! That's my 3rd camera. I'm sort of absent minded (sorta, I have two children) and lose EVERYTHING! So, next payday I hope to be back in business. The grandparents left a couple of days ago and we have been couch potatoes since!!!! We are all so worn out and it seems so quiet and empty around here! I guess because the kids and worn out too!! We did go on a walk last night and let Bradynn and Brody drive around their power wheels they got from Santa. The coordination isn't quite there yet between steering the wheel, pushing on the gas peddle, and watching the road, all together! Its hilarious and a lot of running to the rescue!!! We'll get it with time!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The fun begins!

Brody can now escape the crib!!! He has been a little bi-polar lately because he's getting his eye teeth and one bottom fang all at the same time. The eye teeth are the final killer! Well he was beside himself as was I, so I put him in his crib for a nap! He was in there maybe five minutes when I decided to go check on him. I just about had a heart attack when I reached for the door knob and so did he on the other side!! I opened the door to find him, blanket in one hand, cup in the other, on his
way out! Well....I cant have him jumping head first out of a crib and breaking his neck! I took thecrib down and posted it on craigslist without hesitation. Brody has to sleep in his pack and play now which is a little more challenging for escapees! What do you do? I made the mistake of putting Bradynn in my bed when he started escaping and he's still there! Remember me in your prayers everyone because my second child brings with him grey hairs and wrinkles!!!